10 beauty industry trends from Cosmoprof – 2023 and into the future

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As I mentioned in my Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna wrap-up, seeing the latest industry trends is one of the benefits of going.

Trends come and go and some last longer than others, but as a brand owner, it’s important to be aware of what consumers are looking for in their beauty products – both now and into the future.


Current trends

There are a number of companies globally that report on industry trends, one of them being BEAUTYSTREAMS. They presented the latest Cosmoprof Trends report at Bologna, based on an analysis of submissions from hundreds of Cosmoprof Worldwide exhibitors about their latest innovative products, which opened with:

We are entering the era of intentional beauty, a desire to embrace the rituals of looking good and feeling good with mindfulness, consideration, and equanimity. It’s about welcoming products into our lives that truly belong because they address deep-seated needs, not just for ourselves but also in their thoughtful approach towards the planet. Intentional beauty is purpose-driven at heart, but it is also committed to a feeling of presence, aliveness, and getting the most out of every beauty moment.

The 5 key trends they identified were:

Clinical Kudos – ‘Proof-points confer trust and reassurance’

This trend is all about being able to back up claims you make scientifically, and the report states brands “are increasingly collaborating with academic and research institutions, as well as third-party testing to develop, affirm, and prove the validity of their claims.” I don’t think this one is a surprise, given more brands are making ‘science-led’ and ‘science-backed’ type claims to generate consumer trust.

Meno-Bliss –Menopause is more than an event, it’s a journey’

In welcomed news for ageing women everywhere (including me!), menopause is finally coming out of the shadows and being talked about more – in the beauty industry too. It’s been a relatively neglected part of the market, with younger demographics being favoured by most brands. I love this statement from the report: “More than ‘positive aging’, menopause wellness takes an empowering approach that celebrates the complete spectrum of this life stage.” I’ve even noticed Go-To Skincare sharing content on menopause recently, so they are all over this trend!

Not So Trashy – ‘Discovering the value of waste’

As we all know, sustainability is more than a passing trend, it’s here to stay. And in particular, upcycling is becoming more commonplace in the beauty industry, with innovations ongoing in this space, e.g. with food products. As the report states, “Upcycling continues to inspire brands to think differently about their ingredients and manufacturing processes”.

Near & Dear – ‘Thinking local means consuming mindfully’

This trend is all about “local is the new global”. I don’t think this is anything new in Australia, as #supportlocal has been a thing for a few years now (even when I had my skincare brand back in 2015, it was all about supporting local producers)! The report states: “It feels good to support one’s community, recognize heritage ingredients, value local craftsmanship, and embrace local pride. Localism is a way of feeling connected in a world of, at times, profound disconnection.” So true!

Solar Nova – ‘Next-generation sun care both protects and educates’

In case you missed the memo, SPF is having its day in the sun! No longer just for wearing outdoors in summer, thanks to social media, daily SPF application is now being drilled into us by beauty brands and influencers (or maybe that’s just on the accounts I follow!). I remember doing a cosmetics brand management course a couple of years back, and the course presenter said bluntly, “Don’t make a sunscreen, there’s no room in the market for any new ones”. And now look at all the new and amazing Australian-made brands that have popped up that are hugely successful! (Shout-out to my fave, Airyday!) It helps that the formulations are so good now too, and as the report says, “the science of developing smart sun protection is challenging, but ultimately rewarding.”


Future trends

CosmoVision 2023-2038 is a strategic roadmap that looks ahead to trends in broader society that’ll shape the future of the beauty industry.

The overarching theme of the roadmap was “Otherness – Beauty in the Unique”.

Here were the 5 movements mentioned:

  • Not about age – embracing age-inclusivity
  • Local love – regional over global
  • Just for me – made-to-measure tech
  • Open-type – ending gender stereotypes
  • Multi-roots – mixed is the new standard.


As you can see, similar themes from the current trends are carried through into the future, but with more focus on personalisation and inclusivity (which is the overarching theme for this year’s Beauty Expo in Sydney!).

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to see where the next 5 years takes us!

For more expert insights and trends in the beauty sector, you can visit the BEAUTYSTREAMS website.

Let me know – which of these trends resonates most with you?


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