2024 skincare and beauty trends – here’s what’s making waves this year

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This year promises to be an exciting blend of innovation and inclusivity in the beauty world.

Here’s my take on what’s making waves 👇

👩‍🦳 Embracing change – Finally, the industry is acknowledging and addressing the unique skincare needs of women undergoing menopause and perimenopause. With a typically higher beauty budget, this market is no longer sidelined, opening up conversations on previously taboo topics.

🪮 Hair and scalp revolution – Post-COVID, as we embraced less makeup, it was all about skincare. Now haircare, especially scalp care, is stepping into the limelight. Brands like Straand are changing the game with products tackling issues like dandruff – moving beyond the limited options of the past (Head and Shoulders anyone?!).

☀️ A new era of sunscreens – We’ve bid farewell to the days of pore-clogging, whitening sunscreens (thank god!). Australian brands like Naked Sundays and Airyday are redefining sun protection with ‘skinscreens’ that are as effective as they are pleasant to use, responding to growing consumer demands. I expect to see more new brands in this space in 2024!

🤖 The AI influence – AI’s impact is expanding from successful marketing campaigns (like Maybelline’s viral London tube campaign) to more diverse and innovative applications within the industry, such as enhancing product development through data analysis, offering virtual skin assessments and ‘try-ons’, and enabling data-driven personalisation.

🍃 Sustainability as a core value – Sustainability is no longer a trend; it’s a necessity. The focus is shifting from mere recycled packaging to the entire product lifecycle and supply chain. Biotechnology, offering sustainable lab-made alternatives to natural ingredients, is at the forefront of this movement.

🧫 The science of skin health – As scientists uncover more about the skin’s microbiome, expect more advanced formulations featuring high-quality ingredients like prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants and peptides, all aimed at enhancing skin barrier function. And a focus on fermented products!

🪟 Clear beauty over clean beauty – With advancements and complexity increasing in skincare, and the rise in greenwashing and demonising of ingredients, consumers crave clarity. The era of ‘clear beauty’ is upon us, seeking transparency in ingredients and benefits, moving away from misleading claims and fearmongering.


Technology is transforming skincare with personalised products, and we’re seeing more attention to the previously-neglected markets like scalp care and menopause (finally 🙌🏻), advanced sunscreens and a continued focus on the skin’s microbiome are also hot topics. Plus, the rise of clear beauty – where transparency is key.

What’s your take on these evolving trends? Comment below! 💻🌿🧴

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