[Podcast episode] BioLIEgi: Unpacking the recent Biologi court findings and what it means for the cosmetics industry

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Compliance/Legislation, Marketing Claims, Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode, I unpack the landmark 3-year legal battle involving skincare company, Biologi, and ingredient supplier, Plant Extracts. The case concluded with the companies found guilty of making numerous false and misleading claims, leading to an order to publish eight corrective notices so consumers can be made aware of what’s happened.

I’ll be spilling the tea on:

  • How the court case came about
  • What exactly the court found them guilty of 
  • How Biologi and their stockists have responded (and what I really think of this)
  • What this all means for the cosmetics industry going forward (and consumers)
  • Lessons to be learned by other skincare and beauty businesses


It’s the biggest thing to happen in the Australian cosmetics industry, and has a widespread impact including Biologi stockists, brands using Plant Extracts’ ingredients and consumers – so I hope you find this one interesting. Personally, I find it fascinating!

UPDATE AS AT 2 DEC – Nourished Life and Flora and Fauna have now stopped selling Biologi products – yay!


  • The full court judgement can be read here
  • Read the blog version of this podcast
  • My viral LinkedIn post about why ‘others do it, why shouldn’t I’ is not a good defence for being non-compliant
  • Contact me if you need help with the regulations or want to make sure you’re compliant
  • Also feel free to contact me with your feedback on this episode, or if you want to republish my article to ensure your audience is aware of the findings

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