How to stand out in the saturated skincare industry with a knockout brand voice and authority – with Nell Casey, Fete Creative

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Branding, Copywriting, Podcast | 2 comments

In this episode of Skincare Social, I chat with Nell Casey from Fete Creative, who specialises in content strategy and copywriting for e-commerce brands. 

Two weeks ago, Alex from Haven Studio came on to talk about all things brand and branding from a VISUAL perspective (go check out that episode if you haven’t already!).

Today’s episode is all about the WORDS you use when it comes to your brand. 

Nell and I discuss:

  • The importance of brand voice and brand authority, especially in the saturated skincare market.
  • How brands can find and articulate their unique voice, develop brand authority and increase customer connection.
  • Common pitfalls brands make like inconsistency across platforms and relying too much on AI for content creation.
  • How to craft a strong, distinct and consistent brand voice so you stand out and create genuine customer relationships. 
  • Examples of successful skincare brands that have nailed their brand voice. 



  • Follow Nell on Instagram
  • Follow Fete Creative on Instagram
  • Check out the Fete Creative website (and while you’re there, grab one of the free downloadables).

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  1. Biki markov

    Loved the latest episode, jen. really great stuff in there and I got a lot out of it. thanks.


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