Cosmetic versus Therapeutic Claims

Got a headache from wondering what kinds of claims you can make about your skincare products? Or worried you might be making a therapeutic claim?

If so, you’re not alone. I hear people all the time asking “Can I say X/Y/Z about my product?”

Or wanting to clarify whether something is a cosmetic or therapeutic claim.

And it’s totally understandable – the legislation you need to refer to can be difficult to locate, let alone interpret.

If you’re wondering WHY you need to know about the difference between cosmetic and therapeutic claims, it’s because it’s against the law to make therapeutic claims about cosmetic products. 

Therapeutic claims for skincare products usually involve mentioning the treatment of a skin condition or physiological changes to the skin. But therapeutic claims can only be made for products listed or registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) , which is a database run by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). 

So you need to stick to making cosmetic claims about your skincare products. However, there's much more to it than making sure you don’t say on a label that your product treats a skin condition, such as eczema. 

For example, did you know you can’t even say an ingredient has been traditionally used for any kind of therapeutic use? And that customer reviews on your website shouldn’t contain therapeutic claims either?

I know you want to do the right thing by making compliant claims while still making your products sound appealing to potential customers.

Which is why I've written Can I Say That? Demystifying cosmetic versus therapeutic claims - to relieve your pain and save you hours of research and stress. 

It’s a must-read guide for anyone in the cosmetics industry.

This 12-page PDF is presented in an FAQ format that answers these questions plus more:

  • What are therapeutic goods?
  • What is the difference between cosmetic and therapeutic claims?
  • What are some examples of therapeutic claims?
  • Can I make therapeutic claims about ingredients?
  • Can testimonials refer to therapeutic use?
  • Am I allowed to mention therapeutic benefits about my product anywhere?
  • What if I have a product with therapeutic benefits?
  • How can I avoid making therapeutic claims?

Perhaps you’re just starting your skincare brand and aren’t even sure what a therapeutic claim is. Or perhaps you’ve had your skincare business a while but still aren’t 100% sure how to make creative but compliant claims about your products. 

Either way, this easy-to-read guide will increase your knowledge about how to avoid making therapeutic claims and give you confidence to make compliant cosmetic claims.

Because if you make any therapeutic claims when you’re not allowed to, you could end up having to reprint your labels at best, or at worst, be subject to a TGA investigation which could result in substantial fines.

This guide would have saved me so many hours of research when starting my business!

Jennifer has a comprehensive knowledge of the legislative requirements that need to be met when running a natural skincare business.

I’m confident that by having her double check over our work that we’re compliant and following best practice.

I wish I had access to Jennifer's guides when I first started my business, it would have saved me many hours of research!

Candice S Good + Clean

This ebook covers everything you need to know about cosmetic vs therapeutic claims

This e-book will save literally HOURS of research! It covers everything you need to know about therapeutic vs cosmetic claims which can be very confusing! Where stakes are high it’s important to understand the claims you are making are cosmetic only, this book gives an easy to understand & clear cut explanation that will help you write and describe your product descriptions with no doubt that you have done so legally! Highly recommended!

Candice O Herbal Hiraeth

Jen's a wealth of knowledge and I can't recommend her resources and guidance enough!

I have purchased two resources from Jennifer now to help kick start my business.

"Can I Say That? Demystifying cosmetic versus therapeutic claims" - This was so extremely helpful when trying to wrap my head around therapeutic vs cosmetic claims.

"Cosmetics Labelling Essentials" - This has saved me some money in the long run and given me peace of mind knowing I won't need to reprint labels.

Jen has been so helpful through the whole process and is such a genuine and approachable person.

She's a wealth of knowledge and I can't recommend her resources and guidance enough!

Christine B

$29 inc. GST

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Once you've purchased the guide, log in to download the PDF (access valid for 12 months). 
And you'll be on your way to making compliant cosmetic claims with less stress and more confidence.