Compliance Confidence

Stop losing sleep over labels and go from confused to compliant with Compliance Confidence.

The ultimate course to get your skincare or beauty brand legally compliant in Australia.

“Having you explain the minefield of information out there in a simple way was absolutely invaluable.”  Annette

Jennifer Rudd Skincare Business Foundations 20


It’s not uncommon to feel lost when it comes to compliance.

Searching online can send you in circles

There’s no one-stop-shop for cosmetic laws and regulations, so you’ve wasted time jumping between websites, sifting through conflicting advice and outdated information. You want to do the right thing but they don’t make it easy!

It's not as easy as looking at other brands

99% of labels I review are non-compliant, so looking at other brands isn’t a guarantee you’ll be compliant. Even big skincare and beauty businesses can get caught out (and there’s much more to compliance than just labels and claims!)

Crowdsourcing info isn’t the answer

There’s a lot of well-meaning people in Facebook groups and online forums who try to help, but often the advice is totally wrong. They “don’t know what they don’t know” or unintentionally spread common industry myths.

Legal advice isn't always affordable

Every dollar counts in business, particularly if you’re a startup. Consulting a lawyer usually costs thousands, which can drain the budget quickly, and they may not have experience in the intricacies of cosmetics regulations. 

Get compliant without the headaches and research rabbitholes


Are just starting out but don’t know where to begin, and you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed

Feel anxious and doubt you’ll ever be able to get your brand fully compliant

Already know you’re not compliant and are feeling nervous about what changes you’ll need to make

Have been burying your head in the sand, thinking “it’s something I’ll worry about when I’m bigger”

Are so busy working on other areas in the business that compliance always ends up at the bottom of your to-do list

Have seen brands online doing the wrong thing and think if they can do it, you can too

Feel fairly confident you’re across the regulations, but want to make sure you’re not missing anything important


Being compliant will help you…

Avoid wasting time and money

Don’t want to waste your life savings developing a product you can’t legally sell. By getting things right from the start, you can also avoid costly recalls and label reprints, plus potential fines and legal action from being non-compliant.

Make more money

Confidently market your products on social media instead of letting compliance concerns hold you back. Start scaling the business and wholesale with your fave big retailer (because you’ll pass their strict compliance checks).

Feel proud of what you’ve created

Sleep easy at night knowing you’re running a trusted, professional business that does the right thing by its customers. Confidently stand behind your brand and be proud to shout about it from the rooftops. 

This is all possible for you. And that’s why I created Compliance Confidence.

Jen Rudd, Retouched, 05


Compliance Confidence

The ultimate course to cut your confusion and get legally compliant.

 Compliance Confidence is a self-paced course for small- to medium-sized skincare and beauty brand founders

Look, I know what you’re thinking – “A course on laws and regulations – is it just going to be full of legal jargon and confusing terminology?”


Taking complex concepts and breaking them down simply is my superpower! No jargon. No fluff.

I’ve designed the course to be comprehensive yet clear and concise, so you’ll learn how to be compliant at each step of your skincare business journey. It’s just 4 self-paced modules with around 5 hours of video content.

Plus, I’ve included tools and templates so you can apply what you learn directly (and quickly) to your business.

It’s perfect for busy founders of both new and established beauty brands who want to navigate the regulatory maze with ease.



Confidence you know the regulations

Understand the minefield of regulations and how they apply to your business, so you’ll be crystal clear on how to comply with them.


Confidence to not follow the crowd

Navigate the grey areas around claims and learn what you can and can’t say, so your claims stand out amongst the sea of “soothes and hydrates”.


Confidence about your path to compliance

Review your business with the handy compliance checklists included, and create an action plan with practical steps to fix any issues you find. 


Confidence to grow your brand

You deserve for your brand to be successful – and being compliant is essential to a brand that’s around for the long-term.



Hi, I’m Jen, Skincare Startup Mentor & Compliance Queen

When I started my own skincare brand in 2015, I’d worked in corporate compliance roles for years. But guess what? I still struggled and made compliance mistakes! Since then, I’ve invested lots of time and money on growing my compliance knowledge because I love it. Now? Think of me as your Google Translate for cosmetic regulations!

In my 6+ years’ experience as a regulatory consultant to brands worldwide, too often, I’ve seen the pitfalls that come about with non-compliant skincare brands. When you’re a new or growing small business, incorrect labelling or misleading marketing is costly and can do irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation. Not to mention the risk to your business and you personally if something goes wrong.

I’m here to be your guardian angel when it comes to the minefield of cosmetic regulations, because I know how essential it is to having a successful, long-term brand. Regulations can seem scary, but I’m all about breaking them down into bite-sized chunks you’ll actually understand! Jen x









Course Mockup - Compliance Confidence

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Cosmetics Regulations 101 NEW


Cosmetics Regulations 101

Get bonus access to this mini-course so you can recap on the basics first, including:

  • What is (and isn’t) a cosmetic, so you don’t start off on the wrong foot and create a product you can’t legally sell
  • What compliance is and why it’s important (with real-life case studies on what can happen if you’re not compliant!)
  • The must-know laws and regulations for cosmetics sold in Australia, so you know exactly which ones you need to comply with and how they apply to your business (includes the 13-page Cosmetic Regulations Unpacked – your go-to guide for Australian regulations and regulators)
  • Business registrations you’ll need
  • BONUS – Importing Cosmetics into Australia Checklist for overseas brands  


Compliance Confidence - Module 1 - Products



The first step is to make sure you’ve got a compliant and safe product to sell, so we’ll cover:

  • How to make sure your formulation can be legally sold as a cosmetic in Australia, and how to check it’s a scheduled poison, by checking ingredients against the Poisons Standard (+ demo)
  • AICIS obligations such as the registration, ingredient categorisation, recordkeeping and reporting if you’re importing ingredients and/or finished products, or making saponified soap (+ AICIS Inventory and Business Portal demos)
  • Emerging sustainable packaging regulations
  • Product safety, including product testing, when an SDS is required and where to find trustworthy safety information (hint – it’s not the EWG!)
  • Tools and templatesIngredients Compliance Checks Template (record results of your AICIS Inventory and Poisons Standard searches); Product Checklist (check your product against the compliance obligations mentioned in the module)
Compliance Confidence - Module 2 - Labels



Avoid costly reprints and know exactly what to put on your label, including:

  • What information is legally required, best practice and optional on your label and packaging to (including what’s mandatory vs best practice), plus examples of compliant labels
  • The 19-page Cosmetics Labelling Essentials guide which answers all your FAQs about how to create a compliant label
  • How to list ingredients in the correct order even when you’ve got multi-component ingredients such as extracts and preservatives (+ demo)
  • Extra information required on labels for scheduled poisons such as hair dyes (+ demo)
  • The top 10 label mistakes & how to avoid them
  • Tools and templatesLabel Checklist (check your own labels for compliance); Ingredient Listing Calculations spreadsheet (to make it so much easier when you have multi-component ingredients like preservatives and extracts)


Compliance Confidence - Module 3 - Claims



Learn how to make claims confidently (and avoid potential fines), including:

  • How to make compliant cosmetic claims, and avoid illegal therapeutic claims, including the 20-age Cosmetic vs Therapeutic Claims Handbook (+ Cosmetic Claims Dictionary with over 200 words) 
  • How to avoid false and misleading claims so you can keep your customers and the regulator happy
  • Specific claims, such as natural, organic, vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, clean, Made in Australia, free-from claims (including how certifications work)
  • How to make compliant performance-based claims about your products and/or ingredients (including consumer testing vs clinical studies)
  • The top 10 claims mistakes & how to avoid them
  • Tools and templatesClaims Checklist (check your own claims for compliance)
Compliance Confidence - Module 4 - Selling



We cover the other legal bits you need to know when selling your products, including:

  • How to have a compliant website, including what you legally need to include and how to have a returns policy that complies with consumer guarantees
  • Requirements around product recalls
  • How to ensure your prices are compliant
  • How to legally market your brand and products via any channel, including social media, SMS and email marketing
  • What to know when working with influencers, because if they’re not compliant when promoting your brand it could fall back on you
  • The legalities around running competitions
  • Tools and templatesSelling Checklist (check you’re being compliant when selling your products)

But wait, there’s more!

When you join Compliance Confidence you’ll also get access to these amazing bonuses valued at over $500:

Compliance Health Check Template (valued at $110)

Work through the 30-point  Google Sheets checklist to make sure you’ve covered all your bases and get an automatically-generated action plan with the next steps to fix any identified gaps.

Label Wireframe Template (valued at $99)

Add the information you want on your label and give the spreadsheet to your graphic designer to save time and redrafts.

Marketing Claims Guidelines Template (valued at $199)

Complete this so your inhouse or outsourced marketing team knows what claims they can (and can’t) legally use on social media and advertising. There’s also a version you can provide to influencers.

Claims Commandments (valued at $49)

Keep this handy whenever you’re making claims as your North Star for what you can and can’t say.

Sustainability Claims Checklist (valued at $49)

Use this checklist to check your claims against the latest ACCC guide for businesses on environmental claims to make sure you’re not greenwashing.

Clear Beauty Checklist (valued at $49)

Check you’re not unintentionally deceiving your consumers and being as honest and transparent as possible, to avoid potential action from the ACCC and impacts on your brand and reputation.

Compliance Confidence Bonus Mockup

The content was great and very eye-opening! 


“Before Compliance Confidence, I was struggling with knowing where to go to get accurate information – seeing what other brands do and thinking it must be OK – and knowing the fine line between good marketing and non-compliance.

The content was great and very eye-opening! The demos that took you through processes were great too – such as looking up ingredients on the AICIS inventory. It was easy-to-follow for complicated content.

I loved the spreadsheets and everything that spells out what would otherwise be a complicated process. The Cosmetic vs Therapeutic Claims Handbook with the Cosmetic Claims Dictionary is fantastic to refer back to – it has become a bible.

Now I understand the difference in language to be able to make compliant claims and know the right websites and processes to follow.

I’ve got more confidence to not follow the crowd!”  

Rosanna N.


$900 ex. GST

Or make 6 x weekly payments of $150 ex. GST


“Is this course for me?”

It’s a PERFECT match if you can relate to one or more of these…


Just starting out and want to do things right from the get-go, but you don’t know where to begin

About to overhaul your products and/or labels, and ready to make compliance a priority

Quickly growing as a brand but aren’t sure if it’s actually compliant – up until now you’ve been winging it

Ready to reach out to retailers and want to make sure you’re compliant so they take you seriously

Sick of second guessing yourself and want peace of mind you’re on the right track, so you can worry less

Wanting to build an ethical business that has your customers’ best interests at heart

Happy to DIY compliance checks rather than spend thousands on lawyers or regulatory consulting

Based overseas and want to understand cosmetic regulations in Australia before importing products here

About to buy, or have just bought, an established skincare brand and want to make sure it’s compliant

You’re NOT a good fit if you:


Would rather outsource compliance to a regulatory expert instead of doing a course (if so, let’s chat!)


Don’t understand the value of being compliant and you’re not interested in running a professional and ethical business 


Work for a large company – this course is designed for owners of small to medium brands (but let’s chat about bespoke training for your company!)

I honestly didn’t know anything at all about compliance before Jen.  


“Now I have learnt so much, including how to correctly label my products, what I can and can’t say when it comes to marketing and product descriptions, what to include on the website and also all about the different industry bodies.

The video lessons were incredibly informative and interesting. The templates were great for taking notes while learning each module and the resources and different informative PDFs were amazing!! They are now saved to my desktop and are something I refer to regularly.

The extra one on one session with Jen I purchased was amazing also. She was very patient at going through different aspects of my website and provided fantastic feedback on changes that needed to be made to ensure compliance. Jen would be the only one I’d turn to if I needed further advice or had any questions!”

Aleisa B.


Here’s what you’ll get:


Watch the ~25 bite-sized video lessons over 4 modules at your own pace (~5 hours total). Test your knowledge in the quiz at the end of each module (coming soon).


 Watch the screen recordings and demos to see step-by-step how to  search for ingredients on the AICIS Inventory, Poisons Standard and more.

Tools & Templates

 Save time and stress with easy-to-follow checklists and templates so you can take practical steps towards getting compliant quickly. 

Compliance Guides

Cosmetics Labelling Essentials and the Cosmetic vs Therapeutic Claims Handbook are the ultimate go-to guides. They’ll become your bibles for labels and claims that are both appealing and compliant.

resource and links-icon

Resources & Links

Each module has a list of relevant resources and links so you can dive deeper into that topic if need be, as well as links to other companies who can help you, such as product testing companies.


12-Month Access

Access all the information, tools and recordings for 12 months. This includes any updates made to the content. After that, you can opt to pay a low-cost subscription to stay updated with changing regulations.

Having you explain the minefield of information out there in a simple way was invaluable!


“Prior to studying Compliance Confidence, I wasn’t sure if I was being 100% compliant. 

You’ve created a course that would’ve taken hours and hours to find personally – condensing it into 4 modules was perfect.

The lesson content, tools and templates were all excellent!

The course had a lot of information presented, which I understand is the nature of the industry – and I think you nailed it.

It’s provided me with a lot of takeaways that’ll I’ll now navigate through.”

Annette T.


Join today and uplevel your business

Payment plan

6 x weekly payments of $150 ex. GST

– Total investment of $900 ex. GST
– Modules dripped out weekly

Prices in AUD. 

Pay in full

$900 ex. GST

– Single payment
– Get instant access to all modules

Prices in AUD.

I’m here to support you, which is why I offer a 100% risk-free guarantee.

I’m so confident you’ll love this course, that I’ll refund the cost of your course if you feel like after 7 days you haven’t (and won’t) learnt anything new.

Just contact me within the 7 days to request the refund.

The sooner you join, the sooner you’ll gain the clarity and confidence you need to take your business to the next level. So join today! 



I’ve only just started my business – is it too early to join?

If you’re already started developing and formulating your products, then you should already be starting to think about compliance, so no, it’s definitely not too early! In fact, I’ve had many clients come to me when it’s too late and they’re just about to launch, and they find they’ve wasted money on products they can’t legally sell as cosmetics due to the formulation or the claims they want to make. So please don’t wait until you’re just about to launch to join!

This course seems expensive for my small budget

I get it – it’s not a ‘cheap’ course and budget can be tight, particularly if you’re just starting out. But here’s the thing – having a compliant business is a NON-NEGOTIABLE to protect you, your brand and customers. Compliance should be part of your budget, just like marketing.

If you’re serious about your business (which I’m assuming you are since you’re reading this), it’s a small price to pay – you’ll get your ROI from the course in no time when you feel confident to market your brand and scale up, which will lead to more sales.
It’s much cheaper than spending thousands on a lawyer or regulatory consultant, plus you’ll save money down the track on costly label reprints, fines or even worse, legal action.

In case you missed it, there is a wallet-friendly 6-week payment plan at no extra cost (despite the extra administration costs I incur when following up missed payments).

Can’t I just find all the information online?

Wouldn’t that be nice! The reality is, there’s no single Government website for all Australian cosmetics rules and regulations. Yes, you can go ahead and read all the individual rules and regulations if you want, on different websites, but 1) that will take a lot of time (time = money) and 2) they can be really confusing to interpret with lots of grey areas (trust me, as a regulatory consultant I deal with them on a daily basis!). And the last thing you want to do is rely on dodgy information in Facebook groups.
With this course, I’ve designed it to be your one-stop-shop, and done ALL the heavy lifting for you in terms of extracting and summarising what you need to know in easy-to-understand language to help support you in getting compliant without the headaches.

I’m very time-poor - how long will the course take to complete?

No stress! I’ve curated the course to be as streamlined yet value-packed as possible, so it’s the perfect solution if you’re time-poor. Think of it as your express ticket to understanding cosmetics regulations and how they actually apply to your business.

There’s ~5 hours of pre-recorded video content to watch in your own time, which includes all the video lessons and demos (and Cosmetics Regulations 101). It covers all the key topics that you, as a small to medium-sized cosmetics brand owner, needs to know – and nothing you don’t, and it’s in bite-sized lessons you can fit around your busy schedule. So you don’t get overwhelmed and you can get compliant quickly (unlike other courses that take much longer to complete and cover information that may not be relevant to you so ends up confusing you even more).

The course also includes tools and templates to help you get compliant quickly. Plus, you’ll save DAYS if not weeks of trying to figure it out all yourself. Imagine if you could spend more time building your business instead, feeling peace of mind you’re on the right track?

How can I be sure I’ll get value out of the course?

Great question! I know from personal experience how much it sucks when you buy an online course and it doesn’t deliver on its promises. Rest assured, I’ve poured everything about compliance that I know will help you into this course, based on my own experience as a brand founder, plus my 6+ years of working with skincare and beauty brands as a regulatory consultant. Most of the information in the course you can’t easily find online.

If there’s something you expected to learn based on the course outline but it’s not included, you’re able to submit a request so I can add this information if it’s relevant, because I want to make sure you get as much value as possible from it.

You’ll get the most value out of the course by completing all the checklists – that way you’ll know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to get compliant. I know this can seem nerve-wracking, or you might be worried about what changes you’ll need to make – but keeping your head buried in the sand is not a sustainable option, trust me!

I’m so confident that you’ll love the course, that I’ll refund the cost of your course if you feel like after 7 days you haven’t (and won’t) learnt anything new.

Will I still need to pay a lawyer or regulatory consultant after buying this course?

My aim with this course is to help you be able to “DIY compliance” as much as possible, so you shouldn’t need to spend thousands on a lawyer or regulatory consultant like you would if you hadn’t completed the course. But I know compliance can be tricky, and sometimes you want extra peace of mind by having a second set of eyes look over your labels and claims or to speak to someone to answer your burning questions. This is why Compliance Confidence students get discounts on Consulting Sessions and Label Reviews with me. By doing the course it means you may only need to spend an extra few hundred, instead of upwards of $5k, or in the best-case scenario you’ll feel so confident you don’t need any extra help at all!

Is the content up-to-date based on current regulations?

Yes – I know how important it is for you to stay up-to-date. The content was last updated in June 2024, and is always updated within a reasonable timeframe following significant regulatory changes (the course noticeboard also has regulatory news updates I think you might be interested in).

What’s included in the course?

The course includes Cosmetics Regulations 101 plus 4 self-paced modules that take you through how to be compliant in each stage of your business, from formulation stage to getting your products out there into the hands of your customers. There are also demos such as how to search the Poisons Standard and AICIS Inventory, and tools and templates so you can check your own compliance, e.g. a Label Checklist and Claims Checklist. One of the resources you’ll love the most is my Cosmetic vs Therapeutic Claims Handbook, which includes a Cosmetic Claims Dictionary to help you understand what you can and can’t say about your products. Here’s the full recap of what you’ll learn.

Is there any live support during the course?

Unless it’s being advertised as a live round (which I usually run 1-2 times a year), this is a self-paced course with pre-recorded video lessons to complete in your own time. The course is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to DIY compliance. You’ve got the option at checkout to purchase a discounted 1:1 Consulting Session where we can cover any questions you’ve got about your specific situation.

How long do I get access to the course?

You’ll get access to the course portal for 12 months, including to any updates I make in the course material due to regulatory changes. You’ll be able to download the material, such as the slides, tools and templates. After that time, if you want to keep updated with regulatory changes, there’ll be the option to upgrade to a low-cost subscription to extend your access.

Why isn’t it lifetime access?

Regulations change, so I need to keep updating this course, which takes time (and time = money). If there was lifetime access, it would be a lot more expensive!
Also, none of my courses have lifetime access because I want you to take action straight away, not let them sitting there collecting digital dust. (By the way, lifetime access means for the lifetime of a course, not your lifetime, so most of the time it’s just a marketing gimmick from course creators)

I'm based overseas and want to bring my products to Australia. Is this course suitable?

Yes. The course will cover Australian regulations you need to comply with, including ingredients compliance, claims and labels. If you’re wanting to look after your own compliance instead of using my regulatory consulting services, it’s a great place to start!

Does it cover overseas regulations?

No, only Australian regulations are covered but I’ll point you in the direction of who to contact for certain countries like the USA and UK/EU if you’re planning to sell your products to customers overseas.

I sell [insert type of cosmetic], is the course still relevant?

Yes, 100%! The course is relevant for any types of cosmetics, e.g. hair care, nail products, bath and body products, soap and perfumes. The regulations are the same for all types of cosmetics, and where there are special things to be aware of for certain types of cosmetics I’ve mentioned them in the lessons.

Can I purchase the modules separately?

Not yet… but possibly soon! However, the best value is to buy the complete Compliance Confidence course, where you’ll also get access to the bonuses. And I bet you’ll get value out of every module! 

Do the course give me any kind of certification?

No, there isn’t any formal certification, however at the end of the course you’ll be able to download a certificate of completion to keep for your records.

I’m still not sure if the course is right for me / I've got another question...

No problems! Please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and/or arrange a free 15min call where we can chat about whether the course is right for you.