Cosmetics Compliance Masterclass – 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Watch the limited-time replay (hint: watch on 1.5 speed to save time!):

I’m so excited to announce I’m running another live round of Compliance Confidence – doors are NOW OPEN! (only until Monday 24 June)


Stop losing sleep over labels and go from confused to compliant with Compliance Confidence.

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Look, I know what you’re thinking – “A course on laws and regulations – is it just going to be full of legal jargon and confusing terminology?”


Taking complex concepts and breaking them down simply is my superpower! No jargon. No fluff.

I’ve designed the course to be comprehensive yet clear and concise, so you’ll learn how to be compliant at each step of your skincare business journey. It’s just 4 self-paced modules with around 5 hours of video content.

Plus, I’ve included tools and templates so you can apply what you learn directly (and quickly) to your business.

It’s perfect for busy founders of both new and established beauty brands who want to navigate the regulatory maze with ease.


In the 6-week live round starting next Wednesday 26 June, you’ll get exclusive access to a private discussion group with your fellow students from the live round, plus a group live Q&A call, so you can get support as you work through the course.