Cosmetics Labelling Essentials

Cosmetic labelling requirements in Australia are not straightforward, with at least six different laws and regulations needing to be met. 

Product labels not only help your skincare products stand out on the shelves to attract potential customers, but they also communicate important information.

Being one of the most visible parts of your skincare business, get it wrong and it’s likely you could be asked by the regulator to fix and reprint them or even pay a fine.

It’s no secret that labelling is one of the biggest pain points for people starting out on their skincare business journey (and even those who’ve been in business a while).

There's a minefield of cosmetic regulatory requirements and there can be up to 14 elements to include on your labels. Even if you think you already know everything about cosmetic labelling requirements in Australia and have got it covered, it can be easy to miss something. 

For example, not including the correct address, using the incorrect measurement marking or not listing ingredients in the correct order (particularly if you use multi-component ingredients like extracts and preservatives). 

It’s been impossible to find all the information you need to know about cosmetic labels in the one place – until now.

Cosmetics Labelling Essentials is an 18-page guide that contains everything you need to know about labelling your skincare, soap, bath and body products to sell in Australia. 

I created this guide for both new and established skincare brand owners like yourself to better understand their compliance obligations around labels.

So you can feel less stressed and focus on the fun creative side of your business, not worrying about being compliant.

It’s written in an easy-to-understand FAQ style, answering these questions plus more:

  • What do I need to include on a cosmetic label?
  • What measurement marking is required?
  • What name and address do I include?
  • What claims can I make about a product?
  • How do I list ingredients?
  • Do I need to add a batch number and expiry date?
  • What information do I need on product samples?
  • How do I label soaps?

It also contains an example of a compliant cosmetic label for you to refer to when designing your own labels.

If you’re new to the skincare industry, you’ve probably already spent hours trying to work out what needs to go on a label. Hours of searching for the relevant legislation, then trying to read and understand it. And you still aren’t sure you’ve interpreted it correctly. 

Before you waste time, stress and money on creating your product labels, get this must-read guide to creating compliant cosmetic labels in Australia.

Even if you’ve been in business a while, you may still not feel totally confident your labels are 100% compliant. 

This guide will give you peace of mind that you’ve included all the required information.  

Because if you don’t have a compliant label, you could have to spend money on redesigning and reprinting labels, or spend time responding to a regulator's warning letter, or even possibly pay a fine. 

Jen's a wealth of knowledge and I can't recommend her resources and guidance enough!

I have purchased two resources from Jennifer now to help kick start my business.

"Can I Say That? Demystifying cosmetic versus therapeutic claims" - This was so extremely helpful when trying to wrap my head around therapeutic vs cosmetic claims.

"Cosmetics Labelling Essentials" - This has saved me some money in the long run and given me peace of mind knowing I won't need to reprint labels.

Jen has been so helpful through the whole process and is such a genuine and approachable person.

She's a wealth of knowledge and I can't recommend her resources and guidance enough!

Christine B

This guide would have saved me so many hours of research when starting my business!

Jennifer has a comprehensive knowledge of the legislative requirements that need to be met when running a natural skincare business.

I’m confident that by having her double check over our work that we’re compliant and following best practice.

I wish I had access to Jennifer's guides when I first started my business, it would have saved me many hours of research!

Candice S Good + Clean


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Cosmetics Labelling Essentials 


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Once you've purchased the guide, log in to download the PDF. 
You'll get 12-month access to any updates required due to legislative changes (last updated in January 2021 - be rest assured I always update it when legisiation changes).
And get peace of mind your cosmetic labels are compliant.