Marketing Claims Review

Australian Consumer Law states you can’t make statements that are incorrect or likely to create a false impression of your products for your customers. 

But knowing the difference between what’s simply clever marketing and what’s misleading can be difficult, even when you’ve been in business for a while. 

And you can be in breach for something as simple as a customer leaving a testimonial on your website.

You also have to stick to making cosmetic not therapeutic claims, because it’s against the law to make therapeutic claims about cosmetic products. 

A Marketing Claims Review will ensure you’re not making non-compliant claims in the marketing material for your cosmetic product. This can include the label, packaging, website, social media and advertisements - anything you'd like me to review.

Whether you’re ready to launch your cosmetics business, or you’re already up and running, this service is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Save time – avoid spending hours worrying over whether you’re compliant and have more time to spend on the creative side of business
  • Save money – don’t waste money printing labels or promotional material that is not compliant
  • Avoid stress – know whether or not you’re compliant, instead of being confused about whether you’ve interpreted the relevant legislation correctly
  • Avoid regulator attention – including warnings or fines from the ACCC and/or the Therapeutic Goods Administration

The Marketing Claims Review can answer one or more of the following questions for you:

  • Can I say my product is natural and/or organic?
  • Can I make any country of origin claims, e.g. Made in Australia or Product of Australia?
  • Can I make a certain claim about product performance or efficacy?
  • Can I say my product is hypoallergenic?
  • Have I inadvertently made any false or misleading claims in my promotional material?
  • Have I made any illegal therapeutic claims about a cosmetic product?
  • Do I have enough evidence to adequately substantiate the claim/s if requested by the ACCC?

Essentially I can look at any claims you want to make about a product and review your marketing material to ensure it's compliant.

A highly recommended service

When we want to make sure our promotional material is compliant before printing, we send it to Jennifer for review.

She always responds quickly, with any recommended changes marked up and explains why the change is needed.

We very much appreciate Jennifer's work and implement all the changes she suggests.

Tanya S Beetanicals

How it works

>>  Request a custom quote using the form below.

The price varies depending on what you want me to review, e.g. the number of products, the number and types of claims, and the amount of promotional material. This will determine the amount of documentation that needs to be collected and reviewed and how long the review will take.  

>> I'll review supporting documentation for the product and its ingredients, and any promotional material.

This will help me determine whether you can use the claims in question on the label and/or in promotional material.

>>  Receive a customised report and recommendations.

At the completion of the review, you’ll receive a report with a summary of compliance status for the claims in scope and recommendations to achieve and/or improve compliance, including markups of label and promotional material changes required.

I'll respond within 1-2 business days.