Regulatory Compliance Consulting

There’s a minefield of laws and regulations when it comes to cosmetics, and if you get it wrong, it could lead to costly label reprints, warning notices, reputation damage, product recalls and fines.

As a busy business owner, you don’t have time for this – or for researching the rules and regulations yourself.

Which is why I started Skincare Business Foundations and became a cosmetic regulatory consultant. Think of me as your Google Translate – here to help you navigate compliance with Australian cosmetics regulations, minus the confusion and headaches.

Whether you need quick answers to the questions that keep you up at night, or a second set of eyes to review your labels and claims before you go to print, these cosmetic regulatory services will help you sleep easy at night.  

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Compliance Consulting Session

Whether you’re starting out in business or already established, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

Searching online, reading articles and downloading e-books can be helpful. But often you need quick answers or want personalised guidance from someone with the right skillset and experience.

A 30min or 60min Compliance Consulting session with Jennifer Rudd, Founder of Skincare Business Foundations and cosmetic regulations expert, will answer all your questions about the legalities of running a skincare (or other cosmetic) business in Australia. 

For example, maybe you want to understand the type of claims you can make about your products. Or you’re interested in importing cosmetics and want to understand how to legally sell your products on the Australian market?

We can cover A LOT in our time together on Zoom or a phone call. This is your chance to ask me those pesky questions that have been weighing on your mind!

I can also take a look at claims on your website and/or labels during the call (but please note if you want a comprehensive check of label compliance, I recommend a Label Review).

You’ll be able to submit your questions and any relevant documentation beforehand, so I can do prep work to make sure you get as much value out of the session as possible. 

You’ll also receive a recording of the session to refer back to when needed (if the session is held on Zoom).

Get your compliance queries answered quickly, so you can move on to the next important task instead of worrying whether or not you’re compliant!

The fee is AUD $330 for 30min or $550 for 60min (includes GST for Australian customers).

View my calendar and book in instantly here:

“I now feel more confident moving forward with the business.

Before the consulting session I was just not 100% sure how to understand some regulations, as I find them hard to navigate. I wanted someone with experience to look over my business with regards to the relevant regulations and talk me through it so I understood.

I liked that my (very specific) questions were answered in full, with reference to the relevant legislation and suggestions for how to move forward. I now know where I need to make small changes. It’s always good to get a second opinion, especially from someone like Jennifer who has the compliance experience as well as industry experience.

I’m a sole trader and it can be hard running a business on my own, so it was a great decision to outsource some of the thinking and research. Having someone else check over what you do will give you peace of mind and ultimately help to solidify your business.”

Belinda S, Skincare brand owner

“Having access to Jennifer's expertise was a huge help.

I asked Jennifer for a 1:1 consulting session to discuss my product packaging and make sure they were compliant. It was great to be able to get real and straightforward answers! Which can be hard to get from the TGA (or make sense of their guidelines).

I now feel more confident in the claims I can make for my products. I’d absolutely recommend this service to others! 

Do it, it’s absolutely worth the peace of mind 🙂

Amelie C, Bare Mum 

“I can't stress enough how valuable this Consulting Session is!

Before the Consulting Session, I had a lot of hesitation starting up my own product line. Lots of questions and when doing research they weren’t fully answered which didn’t give me much confidence stepping into unfamiliar waters.

I liked that I was able to provide the questions I had earlier and therefore in the session there were lots of details around all the questions I had. I now feel much more confident and it was great to hear from someone already in the skincare industry.

This session is so worth it. Jennifer has so much knowledge and experience that she was lovely enough to share this with me during the consulting session. I am a firm believer in always having some knowledge before stepping into something new.

This session saved me a lot of time and even more than that, having straightforward answers helped me build my confidence leading into this new journey – rather than worrying about running into trouble in the future. It was really insightful. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Natasha W, Nvisha

“Jen was really helpful in the 30 minute consultation.

It was evident that she has a lot of knowledge in the field and knows what she’s talking about.

Jen was very approachable and easy to talk to, and I definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking to import cosmetics into Australia.

Shanni Z, Dr Klein


Half or Full Day Compliance Intensive

The Compliance Intensives include the dedicated attention of Jennifer Rudd, Founder of Skincare Business Foundations, for a half or full day where I’ll check compliance with Australian rules and regulations (while you get to keep working on your other important tasks).

Compliance Intensives could include reviewing:

  • Labels – to check the mandatory information is included and in the right position, format and size (Note: if you have up to 3 products to review with no imported products/ingredients, the Label Review service will be more suitable).
  • Marketing claims – to check for any non-compliant therapeutic claims, or to check for potential false and misleading claims, e.g. on promotional material, labels or your website. I can also put together a Marketing Claims Guidelines document for you, about things you can and can’t say – use this yourself or provide it to your marketing team/agency.  
  • Ingredients – to check whether imported ingredients are found on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances. 
  • Websites – to check whether the mandatory information is included, and to check whether claims are compliant.  

At the end of the Compliance Intensive you’ll receive a report (video or written, depending on the type of review) with recommendations to get you compliant. Plus a 30-minute Follow-Up Session to be held within 10 business days of the Intensive to clarify any questions you’ve got.

With me as your regulatory consultant, you’ll be able to get back to working in your zone of genius sooner, while I take care of your compliance. 

The investment for a half-day is $1,400 ex. GST or for a full-day is $2,200 ex. GST.

If you’re interested in a Compliance Intensive, first we’ll have a free 15min Intro Call where we’ll discuss the scope of work and whether a half or full day would be most suitable (or if you prefer, you can contact me to discuss further via email). 

* PLEASE NOTE: there is currently a waitlist – click the button below to join and secure your place ASAP *

Jennifer Rudd Skincare Business Foundations 25

“Thankfully I found Jennifer that made this whole process a walk in the park!

Starting a skincare brand is not for the faint hearted (so I found out). Once I started diving deeper I was finding more and more red tape, laws and guidelines and it was really confusing!

Her systems made everything so streamlined and simple and within days I had in-depth feedback. It was important for me to get a tick and flick list of things I needed to change to make my life a little easier and it’s exactly how Jennifer laid my feedback out.

Our Follow-Up session was also great but I honestly felt like she covered everything so well in the report that I didn’t have many questions for her. Thanks so much again Jennifer!”

Lucy G, Botaniceuticals

“This service is a must if you want to ensure you’re compliant.

We found Jen online and after reading about her business, we chose to work with her to ensure we were being compliant with the TGA and to ensure we weren’t making any therapeutic claims on our products or our website!

We loved working with Jen, and we learnt a lot about legislation and what things you can and can’t say in terms of a therapeutic claim. We were definitely surprised with the amount of stuff that constitutes a therapeutic claim so we were really glad we decided to invest our time and money into learning more about the legislation.

We were happy to our website content reviewed so we could ensure we were being compliant and making the best decisions for our business. We also had a follow-up call with Jen where we were able to ask her any questions about specific therapeutic claims and the TGA legislation and requirements which was great!

It puts your mind at ease to know you are doing the right thing, not just from a business perspective but also from a consumer perspective!”

Jamie W, Hampi

“Jen delivered what I paid for and more - she really went above and beyond.

Anyone who has started a cosmetic business knows that the regulations and policies can be overwhelming, because the information isn’t in one spot, and there’s a lot of information to process. Jen made this process a lot easier, by reviewing my business and educating me on what was required from me to be compliant, pointing me in the right direction, and the best practice. She provided in-depth information and presented it in a way that was easy to understand.

From the start, Jen was supportive and lovely. I have loved working with her and would highly recommend her to other cosmetic companies. I am not the same business or the same person, from when I reached out to Jen, to now – I have evolved and extended my knowledge thanks to Jen and am already eager to learn more from her.

If you want someone who is passionate, a great person to work with, and has great attention to detail, Jen is the person you are looking for.”

Rebekah, El Amore Oak

If you’re interested in our cosmetic regulatory consulting services on a longer-term basis, or if you’re interested in a bespoke service not listed here, please reach out and we’ll let you know how we can help.