E-Commerce Audit

The E-Commerce Audit includes a complete review of your website to ensure it’s optimised for sales and includes all the information required by law.

When you run a business online, your website is your 24/7 shop front. 

It’s the main way customers discover who you are, learn about your brand and shop your products.

It should also communicate vital information to your customers about your products, policies, and terms and conditions.


Whether you’re close to launching or embarking on a fresh marketing campaign and want to maximise your results, a website review gives you insights into your user experience and helps you figure out if your website encourages visitors to stay and make a purchase.

After all, sending more traffic to your store if it’s not optimised for conversion is a waste of time and money.

During the E-Commerce Audit, I’ll put myself in the shoes of your customer to ensure the experience is enjoyable and encourages brand loyalty.

Calling on my skincare industry knowledge and extensive experience as an online shopper, I’ll provide tailored recommendations on how to improve your website – from the point they land on your homepage through to the unboxing experience (yes, I love supporting local skincare brands so I’ll be purchasing one of your products as part of the process, up to $50 value).

By making sure your customers have the best experience possible, you can increase your conversion rate (which means more sales) and your customer retention (which means more repeat purchases).

Plus, I’ll ensure your website is compliant with the relevant Australian rules and regulations, and has the right policies displayed to protect your business.

What's included

Your 130-point E-Commerce Audit covers 7 core areas:

  • Website setup
  • Content
  • Functionality
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Purchase experience
  • Analytics
  • Compliance with relevant laws

The audit will answer these questions for you (plus many more):

  • Am I using the right platform?
  • Does my website clearly reflect my brand values and Unique Selling Proposition?
  • Is my website easy for my customers to navigate and use? 
  • Have I got the right content on my website?
  • Is my website optimised for conversion?
  • Is the purchase process easy for my customers?
  • Does my website have the right policies and T&Cs to protect my business?
  • Is my refund policy compliant with the Australian Consumer Law?
  • Have I made any illegal therapeutic claims about cosmetic products?
  • What changes do I need to make to my website to make sure it's compliant, user-friendly and encourages repeat customers?

You'll receive a detailed report with recommendations you can start implementing straight away.

They'll be prioritised to help you understand what’s essential to fix now, the quick wins you can make, and any longer-term or optional solutions.

You’ll also get a 20-minute live session where we go through the report and recommendations.

Please note, the audit will not cover the following topics:

  • How do I get more traffic to my website? (Best to chat to a dedicated digital marketing expert for this)
  • How do I get my website to rank higher in Google search results? (Best to chat to an SEO expert for this)
  • Have I made any false or misleading claims on my website? (This requires a full review of supporting documentation in a Marketing Claims Review)
  • How do I rewrite any illegal therapeutic claims on my website to become compliant cosmetic claims? (If there are any illegal therapeutic claims on your website, I'll let you know so you can rewrite them yourself, or I can rewrite them for you in a Marketing Claims Review)

This audit was the best thing we have invested in - it will help our business grow so much

I love our website but I questioned if our compliance side was right and I wanted a full audit including our customer experience to get tips and tricks.

There were so many light bulb moments and little things we can amend as per Jen's recommendations. I loved how she picked up issues with compliance etc but also offers solutions. This is exactly what we needed. Now, I feel empowered with an easy to understand report to work through.

I would highly recommend the audit to every skincare business owner. The best thing we have invested in and I can't wait to make the changes.

The sooner you do it then better. You will then feel comforted knowing your business is compliant and you have more chance of converting customers by the tips and tricks Jen offers.

Thank you sooo much Jen. You have gone above and beyond for what I expected and it will help our business grow so much.

Tanya S Beetanicals

I feel like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders

I knew my website needed updating and tweaking but I needed a new set of eyes to come in and give me some expert advice and pointers.

The report was perfectly presented - I loved the way Jennifer broke down the recommendations in the report into different priority levels, which meant I didn't have figure out what to do first! The fact Jennifer took my site updates from one massive task in my head to lots of little achievable tasks I can tick off has been a godsend.

Going through this all in a call meant the delivery was brilliant, as everything could be explained clearly and questions asked as we went through each item.

I feel like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders... what looked like a huge mountain to climb has been reduced to small, achievable tasks which I can prioritise and work through one by one, instead of feeling like I needed to do everything all at once.

I would definitely recommend the E-Commerce Audit to any skincare business owner. The personal service provided and care shown by Jennifer is second to none. Jennifer's extensive knowledge of the industry gives a special insight into the specific needs of our websites, something most web developers can't do. Jennifer was also very conscious that the business and website were very personal to me.

The E-Commerce Audit is the best thing I could have done for my young business. I encourage you to use Jennifer's expertise to enhance your business through improving your website, as everyone can benefit from having someone else within the industry go through their website and give pointers for improvements.

I'll definitely be using Jennifer's services in the future, as my business evolves, to ensure I remain at the top of my game!

Meegan T Cinnamon & Clove

Having the E-Commerce Audit done has helped me no end - I'm already feeling more confident

Before this E-Commerce Audit, I was feeling stressed & overwhelmed about my website. There were aspects that I liked but overall knew it needed a revamp - I just didn't know where to start as it just seemed too daunting.

I loved how thorough the Audit was and that the report was clear and concise with the recommendations clearly laid out... and even to the point of timeframes. Breaking it down into priorities has been brilliant as it makes it so easy now to take action and get things done. It's made it all seem achievable and I can stop worrying and get on with fixing it all.

In fact, I started on making the recommended changes straight after the phone with Jennifer, before I even received the report, and I am already feeling more confident about my website.

I would absolutely recommend this service. For peace of mind on compliance which Jennifer is all over, plus as Jennifer makes a purchase from your website she is familiar with the entire website and order process. She is respectful of your business and her delivery of her findings is kind.

My advice to you is to stop thinking about it, and just do it! It is invaluable and you will realise how many changes you can implement yourself rather than having to pay someone - and some of the recommendations you would never have thought of!

Kristie M Freya's Nourishment

How it works

>>  Book your E-Commerce Audit instantly by clicking the button below

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email outlining the information to send me for the review.

>>  We'll schedule a 20-minute call

We’ll schedule a catch up via Zoom (within 10 business days of sending through your information) to go through your audit report in depth so you can ask any questions and clarify the recommended actions. 

>>  Receive your detailed E-Commerce Audit Report with a checklist of improvements

You’ll receive the detailed report via email outlining areas for improvement and what you need to do to make your website compliant. 

$397 inc. GST

  • Report received within 10 business days
  • Detailed and prioritised recommendations
  • 20-min follow up call
  • Receive $$ for product purchased during the audit

If you have any questions about whether the E-Commerce Audit is right for you, contact me here.