An open and honest conversation about fearmongering and misinformation in the skincare world – with Candice Sangster, Sanctyouary Beauty

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Candice and I met at an in-person business workshop early this year. Candice runs Sanctyouary Beauty Studio in the heart of Maleny, offering holistic beauty services and spa packages, as well as makeup lessons using natural products. We connected straight away and have stayed in touch since.

Recently, I slid into Candice’s DMs after she shared a post on ‘toxic’ chemicals in skincare. I explained why I’m not a fan of these posts, and we had a constructive convo in the DMs which we decided to continue on-air for the podcast!

In this episode, Candice and I have an open and honest conversation about the fearmongering and misinformation that’s SO prevalent in the skincare and beauty industry at the moment.

Tune in to hear us share our views and ask the tough questions about:

  • What fearmongering is and why it’s bad – and whether it’s always deliberate or not
  • What THE MOST harmful thing actually is (it’s not what you think)
  • How hard it is to know what information to trust – and where to go for the facts
  • How to better market your products instead of using the same tired, old ‘free-from’ claims

This is an important topic and so much more needs to be done to reverse the tidal wave of misinformation, so I share my top 3 takeaways so you can make sure you’re part of the solution, not the problem!

You don’t want to miss this episode!



Here are the people and businesses I mention in the episode where you can learn more about the facts about cosmetic safety:

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