Skincare Business Starter Guide

This mini-guide will help you feel confident about taking the exciting first steps towards starting the skincare business of your dreams.

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Have you been thinking… “What if I could launch a skincare business that changes my life?”

But then you worry… “Do I have what it takes? How do I know if I’m ready? How do I get started?”

This mini-guide is for you.


You're skincare obsessed.

You’re the go-to person in your circle for all skincare advice and beauty tips. 

You're bored in your current job.

You spend all your free time googling, researching and exploring possible ways to start a skincare brand.

You love creating skincare products.

It’s a fun hobby at the moment but your friends and family constantly encourage you to take it further.


How to have a purpose-driven business.

And why it’s so important.  

What could make-or-break your brand.

Even if you have any amazing product.

The one thing you should get excited about.

Because you’ll be doing a lot of it.

How to make your skincare business journey easier.

You’ll be so relieved to hear this.

Find out the 5 tell-tale signs you’re ready to start your dream skincare brand.

Complete the checklist to get crystal clear on whether you’re ready to commit to starting your dream skincare brand – so you can get started ASAP, instead of wasting time sitting on the fence, wondering if you’re ready.

Plus, find out what to do next once you can confidently say (or scream from the rooftop), “I’m ready!”.

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.


Hi, I’m Jen, Skincare Startup Mentor & Compliance Queen

Since 2018, I’ve been supporting skincare (and other cosmetics) brand owners around the world in starting a skincare business and complying with the minefield of rules and regulations that come with it.

When I started my own skincare brand in 2015, I quickly realised it’s not all glitz and glamour. I had my fair share of facepalm moments along the way, and now nothing lights me up more than helping people build a compliant, ethical and successful brand (because these are all related!). 

My signature course on how to start a skincare business in Australia has guided hundreds of beauty entrepreneurs through the steps to turn their passion into an ethical and profitable skincare brand, and I’ve helped hundreds of cosmetics brands worldwide get compliant for the Australian market. 

Now, it’s your turn.

LIVE ROUND - DOORS NOW OPEN! Compliance Confidence - the ultimate course to get your cosmetics brand compliant.