Whether you’re just starting out or already in business, these resources will help make your life easier by saving you hours of research and stress.

Get the information you need to help your skincare business become compliant and profitable - at an affordable price. 

How to make compliant cosmetic (not therapeutic) claims

It's important to know the difference between cosmetic and therapeutic claims, because it's illegal to make therapeutic claims about cosmetics. But it can be confusing knowing where the boundaries are and what you can and can't say.  And how to make compliant claims while still making your products sound appealing. 

Save yourself the headache and stress with the must-read Can I Say That? Demystifying cosmetic versus therapeutic claims guide. 

How to create compliant cosmetics labels

Your product labels are more than just a visual representation of your brand. They contain essential information to inform your customers and help you meet your compliance obligations.

Label reprints can be a painful and costly exercise. Know what you need to include from the get-go with the Cosmetics Labelling Essentials guide.

How to price your products for profit

Pricing is an area where skincare brands can easily go wrong.

New businesses need to know how to calculate the right price from the start, and even established businesses need to review their pricing to make sure they aren’t undercharging.

Pricing for Profit contains the information and tools you need to price your skincare products for profit.