Want 1:1 support through regulatory consulting or business mentoring? I’m here to help!

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Label Review

Your product labels are more than just a visual representation of your brand designed to attract your customers.

They contain essential information to inform your customers and help you meet your compliance obligations.

Did you know there at at least six different labelling laws and regulations you need to comply with?

Label reprints are a costly and painful exercise. Get it right the right time – and give yourself peace of mind before printing – with a Label Review.


Regulatory Consulting

There’s a minefield of laws and regulations when it comes to cosmetics, and if you get it wrong, it could lead to costly label reprints, warning notices, reputation damage, product recalls and fines.

As a busy business owner, you don’t have time for this – or for researching the rules and regulations yourself.

Which is why I started Skincare Business Foundations. Think of us as your Google Translate – we’re here to help you navigate compliance with Australian cosmetics regulations, minus the confusion and headaches.

Whether you need quick answers to the questions that keep you up at night, or a second set of eyes to review your labels and claims before you go to print, our range of cosmetic regulatory services will help you sleep easy at night. 

Get your compliance concerns addressed promptly and professionally, so you can move on to the next important task instead of worrying whether or not you’re compliant!

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Skincare Startup Mentoring

If you’re just starting out, or launched within the two years, and want to work with me closely to set up the foundations you need for success, this is for you! 

Embark on your skincare and cosmetic business journey with a mentor who brings deep industry insights and a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, and has helped launch successful brands including Frase Skin and Okkiyo.

Together, we’ll navigate the intricacies of product development, ensuring your creations captivate the competitive skincare market while meeting regulatory standards. We’ll also delve into budgeting, pricing strategies and how to make sure you’ve got a stand-out product (+ much more!). Plus, I’ll connect you with my little black book of industry contacts!

I’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on and making sure you stay on track towards your goals. I’m all about helping you grow and getting your dream skincare or beauty brand off the ground without the stress and overwhelm!

Find out more details about my 3-month mentoring package (including pricing) and apply below. 

LIVE ROUND - DOORS NOW OPEN! Compliance Confidence - the ultimate course to get your cosmetics brand compliant.