Cosmetic Business & Regulatory Consulting

Whether you’re starting out in business, or have been going for a while and are looking to grow, it can sometimes feel like you don’t know what you don’t know. 

A 1:1 consulting session can help answer specific questions about running a skincare (or other cosmetic) business. 

Searching online, reading articles and downloading ebooks can be helpful. But often you just want answers and personalised guidance from someone who’s been there. Someone who can talk about their experience and share their knowledge.

Along with having launched my own natural skincare business, Wild Leaf Botanicals, I have degrees in Business and Psychology and a diverse corporate background in risk management, auditing and compliance. Using my professional experience and business know-how, I now help others build a solid business foundation.

Skincare Business Consulting

We can work on (almost) anything during your 45-minute session.

Maybe you’ve got specific questions about running a skincare business. Or want to chat about your marketing strategy. Or even cover off the regulatory compliance concerns you have. 

Examples of questions we can cover in the session are:

  • What is the difference between cosmetic versus therapeutic claims?
  • Is my pricing strategy right?
  • Which sales channels should I focus on?
  • Which website provider should I choose?
  • How can I increase conversions on my website?
  • How do I create a compliant label?
  • How do I initiate a product recall?

Please note:
I don't provide specific formulation advice in consulting sessions. For this, I recommend speaking with a cosmetic chemist about having a proper formulation review. 

I can't stress how valuable this Consulting Session is - I highly recommend it!

Before the Consulting Session, I had a lot of hesitation starting up my own product line. Lots of questions and when doing research some of the questions in my mind were not fully answered which didn't give me much confidence stepping into unfamiliar waters.

I liked that I was able to provide the questions I had earlier and therefore going into the session there were lots of details around all the questions I had.

I feel much more confident and was great to hear from someone already in the skincare industry.

This session is so worth it. Jennifer has so much knowledge and experience in the industry that she was lovely enough to share this with me during the consulting session. I am a firm believer in always having some knowledge before stepping into something new.

This session saved me a lot of time and even more than that, having straightforward answers helped me build my confidence leading into this new journey. I can't stress how valuable this session is - I highly recommend doing it before stepping into something new. You'd rather have this session and go in with some knowledge rather than diving into it with unanswered questions and then running into trouble in the future.

I want to thank Jennifer for the session. It was really insightful and great to hear from someone with lots of experience. This helped give me guidance on my next steps as well as information on a lot of unanswered questions I had. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Natasha W Nvisha

Having access to Jennifer's expertise was a huge help

I asked Jennifer for a 1:1 consulting session to discuss my product packaging and make sure they were compliant. It was great to be able to get real and straightforward answers! Which can be hard to get from the TGA.

I now feel more confident in the claims I can make for my products. I'd absolutely recommend this service to others! Trying to make sense of the TGA guidelines can be difficult, but having access to Jennifer's expertise was a huge help.

Do it, it's absolutely worth the peace of mind :)

Amelie C Bare Mum

Having someone else check over what you do will give you peace of mind

Before the consulting session I was just not 100% sure how to understand some regulations, as I find them hard to navigate. I wanted someone with experience to look over my business with regards to the relevant regulations and talk me through it so I understood.

I liked that my (very specific) questions were answered in full, with reference to the relevant legislation and suggestions for how to move forward.

I now know where I need to make small changes, so I feel more confident moving forward with the business. It's always good to get a second opinion, especially from someone like Jennifer who has the compliance experience as well as industry experience.

I am a sole trader and so it can be hard running a business on my own, therefore it was a great decision to outsource some of the thinking and research. It is always a good thing to have someone else check over what you do, it will give you peace of mind and ultimately help to solidify your business.

Belinda S Cosmetics business owner

I’m glad I booked a Consulting Session with you, I appreciate your help

Thank you for the consultation call.

It was great and honestly, very informative too.

I’m glad I booked a Consulting Session with you, I appreciate your help. Thank you for sending me the consultation notes as well, that will help me recap a lot - thank you so much!

Look forward to working with you again sometime.


How it works

>> Purchase your session and secure a spot in my calendar

You’ll receive an email the next steps for booking the session, along with a short questionnaire so you can let me know what you want to cover during the call.

>> Pre-research ensures you get the most out of our session

I’ll do background research on your business, including looking at your website and social media, to ensure I can provide you the most value.

>>  We meet on Zoom (or via phone) for your 45-minute session

We’ll meet online at the confirmed time and go through your questions to cover as much as we can (which is usually a lot) during the 45-minutes, and I'll send a follow-up email with the key points we discussed.


$297 inc. GST

  • Session arranged at a time convenient for you
  • Background research on your business to ensure you get the most value from the session
  • 45-minute meeting via Zoom or phone
  • Follow-up email with key discussion points

If you have any questions about whether the 1:1 Consulting Session is right for you, contact me here.

You can also contact me for a custom quote based on any consulting needs you have.