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Wondering if your labels and packaging are compliant?

Whether you’re close to launching your cosmetics business, or already up and running, a Label Review is perfect if you want to:

Save time

Don’t spend hours reading the regulations and reviewing your label to ensure it is compliant.

Save money

Avoid costly reprints by getting your labels right the first time.

Reduce stress

Get comfort and peace of mind your labels are compliant from the outset.

Avoid regulator attention

Including warnings or fines from the TGA, ACCC and NMI.

Product labels not only help your skincare products stand out on the shelves and look great at markets, but they also communicate vital information to your customers.

Cosmetic labelling requirements in Australia can be complex, with at least six different laws and regulations needing to be met. And with your product labelling being one of the most visible parts of your business, get it wrong and it’s likely you could get caught out.

In a Label Review, I’ll review your cosmetic product labels and packaging before you go to print to ensure you don’t waste money on reprinting incorrect labels. And if you’ve been in business for a while, I can check your existing labels to make sure you’re listing all the information you need in the correct place and format.

The review will check any outer packaging, e.g. a cardboard box, as well as the product label.

Truth bomb: 99% of labels I review are non-compliant.


Your label (and any outer packaging) will be checked against these Australian laws and regulations:


Consumer Goods (Cosmetics) Information Standard 2020


National Measurement Regulations 1999


Therapeutic Goods Act 1989


Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods) Determination 2018


Poisons Standard


AICIS ingredients checks

This is only relevant if you’re importing any finished product or ingredients. I can do this for an additional fee (e.g. often I’ll review the labels and ingredients as part of a Compliance Intensive).  


Review of evidence to substantiate claims

The review scope doesn’t include a thorough check for false and misleading claims, but any actual or potential false and misleading claims that are obvious are noted in the report (e.g. I’ll let you know if you should request evidence from your suppliers, and/or I can do a full review of supporting documentation in a Compliance Intensive).  


US/UK/EU regulations

This review covers Australian regulations only, however I can refer you to someone to complete a review for other countries if you’re planning to sell to overseas customers. 

The Label Review includes an audit of the most important components of your label and packaging.

It will answer the following questions for you:

  • Does the label / outer packaging include all the mandatory information?
  • Is the mandatory information in the correct format?
  • Are all ingredients listed correctly?
  • Have any actual or potential therapeutic claims been made?
  • Are any warnings required based on whether the ingredients are listed on the Poisons Standard?
  • Are there issues with using any of the ingredients based on the Poisons Standard requirements?
  • Are there any potential false and misleading claims that need to be reviewed in more detail?
  • What changes are needed to make sure the label is compliant?
  • Are there any other suggestions for improvement based on best practice?

Let’s make your labels compliant. 


How the Label Review works

Book in for your
Label Review

Book your Label Review instantly by paying via the link below.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to a form to complete. 

Provide your label

Complete the form and provide the requested documentation.

The review will commence once I’ve received the documents. 

Receive your report
with findings

Within 5 business days you’ll receive a report, including findings, recommendations to achieve/improve compliance and suggested text changes.









“Jen goes out of her way to help you, knows her stuff and is very prompt!

Before getting the Label Review, I felt slightly confused by all the ‘information’ about labelling requirements. I wanted to get it right and just wanted to find someone who was knowledgeable and knew the legislation specific to Australia’s label regulations.

I loved the promptness and the clear recommendations given by Jen – there was no fluffing about. It was clear and told me exactly what I needed to implement to comply with legislation. I’m now feeling so much more confident about launching my products and having a compliant label.

There are so many things to consider when launching a new skincare product into the market, and it’s impossible to know every single thing. So finding someone who is knowledgeable is pure gold!

If you’re thinking about getting a Label Review, don’t hesitate! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I would not hesitate to work with you again!”

Tanya G, Georgie Skin 

“I would absolutely recommend a Label Review - it is a MUST DO for skincare brands.

The label review was very comprehensive. I am very happy that I have had a professional label review and now have peace of mind that my product labels are compliant. Jennifer was very generous with her time answering my email questions after supplying the finished label review.

I would absolutely recommend a Label Review to make sure your labels are compliant before taking a product to market. Consider making label reviews part of your standard procedures when creating and releasing new products – investing a small amount of money into making sure that your labels are compliant prior to getting them printed could save you a lot of money in the future.

Thanks Jennifer, I really appreciate the help you have provided in the Label Review.

Tracey H, Mohi Skin Care 

“With so many details to consider with labels, this service really ensures we've covered all grounds.

As we were just getting started in the skincare business, this was the perfect opportunity to check off labelling compliance from our never-ending list of things to do. Jen was very thorough and gave us recommendations and ideas we hadn’t thought of, on how we could ensure we were complaint.

We now feel a lot more confident that we’re on the right path. With Jen’s vast knowledge of the industry and legislations, we’re at ease now and can continue to focus on making a great product.

There are so many things to look at in a label! Non-compliance could cost you your business, and this review really helps you get the legalities done and dusted by an expert, so you can do what you do best – creating your products.

Jennifer was super helpful through the entire process and always took time out of her day to respond to our many many questions! We would definitely recommend this service. Thanks Jennifer!
Shradha B


“I feel super confident our labels meet the requirements and also about speaking to our customers.

Best thing we have done is having Jen review our labels and website. I was really concerned that I might have been making therapeutic claims and was doubting what words I could use to pass as a cosmetic. Plus there are so many different elements to consider on a label.

loved that Jen advised what we couldn’t say and made suggestions on what we could – she provided a solution. You won’t regret having your labels and website reviewed. It has made all the difference to our products – now I can order huge label quantities with confidence going forward.

I highly recommend Jen to everyone. Extremely thorough, informative and very helpful.”
Tanya S, Beetanicals

“The Label Review has given me the confidence to move forward with my labels.

I wanted to make sure my labels were compliant. I felt that I had thoroughly researched the requirements and regulations for my labels, but that a review would be valuable to prevent any problems in the future.

The label review service was very quick, which is important because I wasn’t held up in getting my products onto the market. Even though I felt I had thoroughly researched the requirements and regulations of my labels, Jennifer found some corrections.

I would highly recommend the Label Review to other business owners to get the confidence of knowing they are compliant!
Jodie L 

“I was nervous to spend the money on this label review, but I don't regret a cent!

Jen’s review was concise and extremely helpful. The layout of the review was easy to read and very informative. All my questions have been answered and I can now move forward with confidence.

I feel relieved and confident that I can now move forward with my soap bar boxes and know for sure there will be no issues, both legally and information-wise. I’d absolutely recommend getting a Label Review! Don’t wait.

Jen was lovely to work with and the knowledge she has is invaluable for any soap and/or skin care business. Thanks again, Jen!
Sarah P, Naked 


Book in your Label Review


Per product

The review includes a check of the label and any outer packaging.

You’ll receive a report with detailed recommendations within 5 business days of submitting the required documentation.

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Note: If you need more than 3 products reviewed, and/or have imported products/ingredients, a Half or Full Day Compliance Intensive will be more suitable.