Pricing for Profit: How to price your skincare products

Are you getting ready to launch your skincare products but have no clue how much to charge for them? 

Perhaps you need an easy tool and practical information to help calculate the right price from the start.

Or have you been in business a while but are struggling to make a profit?

Perhaps it’s time to look at the costs of running your business and your prices in case you’re undercharging. Especially if you've just been guessing up until now.

Pricing is an area where skincare brands can easily go wrong.

Brands owners may choose a price based on what their competitors charge without looking at their own costs.

Or they might choose a retail price without considering a wholesale price. Then when they have a wholesaling opportunity they realise it’s not economically viable.

Both of the above scenarios can lead to losing out on potential revenue, and mean you need to sell more products to make a profit (except in the worst-case scenario where you’re selling products at a loss, so the more you sell, the more money you lose).

Having your pricing right from the get-go will save you a lot of grief down the track.

Profit = revenue (sales) minus expenses (costs)

So it’s essential you understand your running costs before you work out your prices. 

Pricing for Profit will help you feel confident you know the costs involved in running your business so you can price your products to make a profit. It'll also give you formulas to use to calculate prices based on your cost.

The package includes everything you need to easily work out how to price your products, regardless of whether you make your own products or have private labelled or contract manufactured products:


  • 15-page PDF guide + training video - the Pricing for Profit: How to Price your Skincare Products guide and training video contains practical information about the following must-know pricing topics:

>>  The importance of pricing

>>  Pricing definitions

>>  Pricing strategies

>>  Psychology of pricing

>>  Wholesale vs retail prices

>>  How to calculate prices

>>  The right price


  • Inventory and Pricing template – use this comprehensive Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet to easily and confidently calculate your wholesale and retail prices based on the prices of ingredients and other costs. It also lets you record details of inventory on hand (ingredients, packaging, etc) and supplier details for effortless re-ordering.
  • There are also easy-to-follow instructional video tutorials to help you fill out the Inventory and Pricing template.

Knowledge is power.

Although it can be frightening to see all your costs laid out it’s better than keeping your head in the sand. And this package gives you the know-how to get you on track to increasing your profit margins. 

Sure, there are some free pricing templates available online. But this one is a gamechanger.

This package is a great investment - I am feeling confident and in control

I’ve been in business for a while now, but before I purchased the Pricing for Profit package, I am embarrassed to admit that I ever properly looked at my costs! Just crazy.

I wanted to make my business a full-time gig so decided to purchase the package to really sort out my pricing once and for all and I am so glad I did.

The pricing spreadsheet was so much more detailed than any free ones I’d seen online, and the video instructions were clear and made the spreadsheet easy to use.

It wasn't long before I got a reality check with some of my expenses, but it feels so good now knowing where I stand and that I have my pricing right.

Since then I’ve reviewed my prices and adjusted them so I can make a profit - no more guessing - I am feeling confident and in control.

This package is a great investment for anyone wondering how to properly price their products for profit - I highly recommend it!

Michelle T Skincare business owner
Pricing for Profit

$109 inc. GST

  • Pricing for Profit PDF guide
  • Training video & presentation notes
  • Inventory and Pricing template
  • Instructional video tutorials

It’s your investment in a more profitable future.

Once you’ve purchased the package, you’ll have instant access to download the files.
(access valid for 12 months from purchase)

And get confidence your price is right.