I help skincare and beauty founders build a compliant brand, minus the confusion

Navigate the cosmetic regulatory maze and skincare business world with ease, so you can launch and scale your business with confidence and build an ethical brand that lasts.


Hi, I’m Jen, Skincare Startup Mentor & Cosmetics Regulatory Expert

Since 2018, I’ve been supporting skincare (and other cosmetics) brand owners around the world in starting a skincare business and complying with the minefield of rules and regulations that come with it.

When I started my own skincare brand in 2015, I quickly realised it’s not all glitz and glamour. I had my fair share of facepalm moments along the way, and now nothing lights me up more than helping people build a compliant, ethical and successful brand (because these are all related!).

My signature course on how to start a skincare business in Australia has guided hundreds of beauty entrepreneurs through the steps to turn their passion into an ethical and profitable skincare brand, and I’ve helped hundreds of cosmetics brands worldwide get compliant for the Australian market.

Now, it’s your turn.


Knowledge & tools

As a business owner, there’s so much to learn and do, so I’ve broken it all down for you into easy-to-understand information, plus time-saving tools and templates. Tap into my compliance expertise so you can focus on your own zone of genius!


I’ll be there by your side as your personal cheerleader throughout your skincare business journey – and let’s have some fun along the way! I’ve got a range of courses and business mentoring packages to give you the support you need.

Peace of mind

Feel confident you’re on the path to building a compliant and sustainably successful skincare business, and that you’ve met your Australian compliance obligations.

How am I different?

Sure, there are other business course providers, coaches and regulatory consultants out there, but most of them don’t focus solely on cosmetics and beauty brands, and/or haven’t ever had their own skincare brand. 


I love working specifically with cosmetics brand owners, and I’m so passionate about our industry and helping brands flourish.

With my combination of 13-year corporate background and 8-year+ industry experience, I’m able to take a unique and dynamic approach to how I can help you. 


Friendly, personalised service

You won’t just feel like a number when you work with me – I love getting to know my clients and celebrating their successes.

Keeping you in the loop

I’ve been let down by service providers in the past, and know that a little bit of communication goes a long way to making sure clients are happy.

Expert, high quality work

I take pride in my work and love hearing feedback from clients and students about how I’ve gone above and beyond what they expected.

Jennifer Rudd Skincare Business Mentor AU

Some of the brands I’ve worked with


“Hey Jen, I want to learn about…”

Start Your Skincare Business

Starting a Skincare Brand

Label Launchpad is my signature program for building a wildly successful skincare brand.

Australian Cosmetics Regulations

Cosmetics Regulations

Stop losing sleep over labels & go from confused to compliant with Compliance Confidence.

Start Your Skincare Business

Growing my Skincare Brand

Already launched but not seeing the results you want? Let’s change that!

Prefer to work 1:1?

Your Skincare Business Starter Guide

Get the FREE mini-guide and discover the first steps to building a wildly successful and compliant skincare business.

“I'd absolutely recommend studying with Jen! She is so easy to talk to, friendly, helpful and resourceful.

Before I studied with Jen, I was enthusiastic, but I wasn’t confident that I knew and really understood ‘everything’ related to starting my own skincare business.  Jen presents content in an easy-to-follow format with lots of helpful resources and valuable tools that I can refer back to as needed.

Now, I feel happier about my decision, and certainly more confident about things.  If you are feeling uncertain about where to begin or how to do things the right way, this will give you all that you need to move forward…and more!”
Tracey B, Parasol Factor

“Jen is very knowledgeable and it was great to learn from a person who actually has experience.

Before I studied with Jen, I was spending a lot of time to just find information needed to make my product compliant because I wanted to get it right. It was surprisingly very hard especially when I ‘didn’t know what I didn’t know’ as a beginner.

Jen puts all the information in one place in a very easy-to-follow format. This would have saved my hours instead of having to contact different regulatory associations which had not been able to give me clear answers.

I’m so glad I found her.”
Yoshie K, Coolee Me


Ways we can work together

Cosmetic Label Review Service Australia

Label Reviews

Get your label checked for peace of mind you’re compliant with Australian laws and regulations.

Jennifer Rudd - Cosmetics Regulatory Consultant

Regulatory Consulting

Let’s cover off your compliance queries, from marketing claims to importing cosmetics.

Skincare Business Mentor Australia

Business Mentoring

Let’s work together closely to help you build a skincare or beauty brand that lasts.

“I feel super confident our labels meet the requirements and also about speaking to our customers.

Best thing we have done is having Jen review our labels and website. I was really concerned that I might have been making therapeutic claims and was doubting what words I could use to pass as a cosmetic. Plus there are so many different elements to consider on a label.

I loved that Jen advised what we couldn’t say and made suggestions on what we could – she provided a solution. You won’t regret having your labels and website reviewed. It has made all the difference to our products – now I can order huge label quantities with confidence going forward.

I highly recommend Jen to everyone. Extremely thorough, informative and very helpful.”
Tanya S, Beetanicals

“I now feel confident that my US-based product won't get stuck in Australian customs because of any label issues.

I wanted to make sure that my US-based product was compliant with Australian regulations and avoid any issues in customs. My labels were reviewed in a fast manner, it was all explained very clear and it was very easy to move forward.
Thanks to the label review I’m now confident to have my shipment bound to Australia ready because I knew that there won’t be any hold ups because of the label.
The service was a big help and means you don’t have to spend hours reading laws to make sure that you are complying with AU regulations.
Jennifer was very detailed on her report, it made this process very simple and easy. I recommend this service 100%.”
Alessandra O, Prima Skin

Want to know how to work with me 1:1?




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