Brand-building and beauty trends with Meagan Pate from Straand & Three Warriors

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In this episode of Skincare Social, we explore brand-building and beauty trends with brand founder and passionate creative, Meagan Pate. Meagan is a co-founder of Straand, Australia’s first microbiome focused scalp care brand, and Chief Marketing Officer of Three Warriors, a Certified Organic sunless tanning range.
Meagan shares her wealth of experience in the beauty industry, shedding light on the intricacies of launching successful brands and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of skincare and haircare.
We chat about:
  • How Meagan spotted a gap in the scalp care market that paved the way for the success of Straamd
  • How Straand got stocked on the shelves of Sephora UK
  • The power of saying ‘no’
  • Why it’s so important to think about compliance during NPD (New Product Development)
  • The importance of community in brand-building
  • How Three Warriors got Sonia Kruger on board as their ‘tanbassador’
  • Hot tips about upcoming trends in the beauty world.


Join us as we explore entrepreneurship and innovation in the beauty industry with Meagan Pate.
Let’s connect on instagram: @skincarebusinessfoundations

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