From taking orders in the DMs to making $1million in just 13 months – with Bec Connolly, Botanicals by Luxe

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Join me for episode two of Skincare Social episode where I speak with the inimitable Bec Connolly.

Bec is the founder of Australian, vegan and results-driven skincare line Botanicals By Luxe, and she sat down to chat with me about her journey from dream to reality, and about how she knew it was the right time to break out and start a line of her own.

When talking about her journey from skin therapist to skincare brand founder, Bec breaks down:

  • The challenges of finding a manufacturer as a new skincare brand
  • The content pillars she’s used to grow an Instagram following of over 35k
  • Overcoming fear and showing up as a real person on Instagram
  • The link between Botanicals by Luxe and Selling Sunset
  • How she went from humble beginnings (taking orders in the DMs!) to over a million dollars in just 13 months

Plus a sneak peek into their soon-to-be-released products!

I had such a lovely time speaking with Bec, and I know that her story will sound familiar to anyone who’s going through their own journey, so if you’re finding yourself stuck or unsure of how to proceed then this episode is for YOU.

I also chat a little about the intricacies of measurement marking, something that almost EVERYONE gets wrong on their labels.



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