From tradies to the Today Show and making $100k in 3 months – with Zac London, Frase Skin

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In this episode I’ve got another inspiring founder story for you with Zac London, Co-Founder of Frase Skin, who’s also been one of my students and clients. Zac launched Frase Skin only 6 months ago with his younger brother Beau, and they’re already making huge waves in the men’s skincare space.

We chat about:

  • Why they took three years to launch the brand
  • The one thing that’s been a gamechanger for their marketing – and helped them make $100k in sales in 3 months of launching!
  • Navigating the shift from a predominantly male industry to a female-dominated industry
  • What it’s like to work with a sibling
  • How they got featured on top news website and scored an interview with Karl Stevanovich on the Today Show.


As I mentioned in the interview, one of the things Frase Skin did really well was taking all the right steps to set the foundations for success – doing the courses, getting the coaches, consulting the experts. They weren’t afraid to invest the money to ensure they had all the right things in place before they launched. And their efforts are paying dividends!

If you too want a step-by-step framework to launch your own brand, from someone who’s been there done that, you’ll love my Label Launchpad program! It’s a nine module program that runs over 12 weeks where you’ll learn all the basic building blocks of setting up a skincare business for success.

We cover everything from what types of insurances you need, branding, market research, competitor research, how to have a compliant label, what you need to put on your website, sales channels for your business and marketing 101 – and so much more. Learn more about Label Launchpad here. 


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