The 5 biggest marketing claims mistakes made by skincare and beauty founders (and how to avoid them)

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It’s no secret that making claims about your cosmetic products can be one of the most challenging parts of being a skincare and beauty brand owner:

  • Can I say this about my product?
  • Can I write this on my social media?
  • Can I add this to my label?
  • Am I going to get in trouble with the regulator if I say this?

And it can be hard to find information online that’s Australian-based. So that’s why this episode is dedicated to claims!

Marketing claims is an area that I’m really passionate about because it’s so important for you as a brand owner, to know what you can and can’t say about your products because consumers are becoming more informed, conscious and curious about the things that you say about your products. This means that they are more likely to question things. And it also means that regulators are also getting more interested, e.g. with the ACCC’s focus on greenwashing we’ve seen lately.

It’s important to be compliant, because these regulations exist to protect your consumers – making sure they aren’t misled and have the right information to help them make their purchase decision (and remember, at the end of the day we are all consumers, right?!)

Apart from labels, claims can be on your website, social media, testimonials and customer reviews – pretty much anywhere, but you’re talking about the benefits and the features of the products, what it’s going to do for you, etc.

In this episode, we’ll deep dive into the 5 biggest mistakes when it comes to making claims about your cosmetics, including:

  1. Making therapeutic claims about cosmetics
  2. Making vague claims that could mislead consumers
  3. Making false claims
  4. Spreading misinformation
  5. Using cliche and overused claims

Listen to the episode to learn more about each of these mistakes and most importantly – how to avoid them!

Plus I cover:

  • Why you shouldn’t use the phrase 100% natural
  • Why I recommend using a copywriter with experience in the beauty industry
  • What can REALLY happen if you’re not compliant
  • The 3 questions to ask yourself before making claims about your products.


One thing I forgot to mention in the episode my saying when it comes to claims – “If in doubt, leave it out!!” 

But it’s even better if you know what you can legally say – so check out the show links for how I can help you with this. 


In next week’s episode, Candice Sangster from Sanctyouary Beauty comes in for an open and honest conversation about misinformation and fearmongering in the beauty industry.

This will be such an eye-opening episode, so  subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to be notified when the next episode drops! 

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